Iain Stirling


Third episode and its time for something a wee bit different. In this episode Mutch phones up his good friend, Comic, TV Presenter & Voice of Love Island Iain Stirling.

They discuss a wide range of topics including Remaining upbeat in these uncertain times, Dating, Love Island & whats his favourite biscuit.


Gareth Mutch

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Episode 15 · 3 months ago

No Sea Lions No Party

Episode 15 and Mutch has kinda returned to the world and started seeing more people & Friends and doing stuff. including going Blair Drummond Safari park that insighted a rant on this months podcast. Mutch also talks Fringe and answers your questions.

Episode 14 · 4 months ago

From Doubter To Believer

Its episode 14 and its a Premier league winning special! Liverpool FC is a massive part of Mutch's life and they creep up in little segments during other episodes but this time they have their own episode to celebrate their first ever Premier league title. Mutch speaks to fellow liverpool fan & Comedian Michael Welch.

Episode 13 · 5 months ago

I Believe you

Ep 13 & Mutch tackles Sexual assault allegations about Chris D' Elia and more closer to home in the Irish comedy scene. Also talks about new BBC comedy/Drama 'Staged' with David John Tennant & Michael Christopher Sheen. Also ofcourse answers your would you rather questions.

Episode 12 · 5 months ago

Jay Lafferty

Episode 12 and Mutch is back with another brilliant guest. This Time its very good friend, A Scottish comedy favourite and new mother the wonderful Jay Lafferty.


As Gareth says himself there is a story shared in this episode that is the funniest story on the podcast yet. Jay is another person who has very interesting stories to share, she will have you listening intently then the next second roaring with laughter. This Episode is another corker of a chat.